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Escavatore cingolato Escavatore cingolato Escavatore cingolato
Excavatrice à chenilles
Distributeurs hydrauliques tournants pour excavatrices à chenilles, solides et durables, indiqués pour résister au travail intense des engins de terrassement.
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Autogru fuoristrada Autogru fuoristrada Autogru fuoristrada
Grue sur camion tout-terrain
Collecteurs fluidiques tournants pour grues sur camion tout-terrain, caractérisés par un grand nombre de passages et indiqués pour transférer de nombreux liquides.
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Telescopico rotante Telescopico rotante Telescopico rotante
Télescopique tournant
Distributeurs fluidiques tournants complexes pour actionneurs télescopiques tournants, équipés de collecteurs électriques pour le transfert de la puissance et des signaux CAN BUS.
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Piattaforme Aeree Piattaforme Aeree Piattaforme Aeree
Plates-formes Aériennes
Distributeurs hydrauliques tournants pour plates-formes aériennes télescopiques, toujours disposés pour l'application électrique à hautes performances.
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Progetto 4.0 Finanziato UE
Project ID: IS0108888
CUP: C85H22000930008


Update of the company production department

The plan of investment has the main objective to enhance the production zone in order to expand the factory production up to a 10% more by the acquisition of new shares of market not covered by the company today.
The industrial plan is focused on a program which foresees the realization of sustainable and innovative investments and characterized by high technological contents, adherent to the national plan “TRANSITION 4.0”, by the use of “Advanced Manufacturing Solutions” technologies.
The new machines bought will allow us to realize a new swivel joint which will have new characteristics in comparison with the swivels actually manufactured and currently on the market and will guarantee an efficient and sustainable productivity, further and mainly thanks to the integration of the MES operating system for the production control.

• Starting date of the program of investment: 01/06/2022;
• Expected ending date of the program of investment: 30/11/2023;

The project has been financed as a reply of the European Community to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis valid on the Programme NOP on Competitiveness 2014-2020-Axis IV “REACT-EU” priorities of Investment 13i- Action RA3.1.